Vesta Tajhiz Part


  • Being stablished in September 2000 in Iran, VESTA‘s mainly-aimed actuality is in medical & laboratory fields. Its brilliant eternal attempt has always been designating of the most renowned brands being proudly presented to the Iranian society as they deserve it under the circumstances of sales, technical support and services and moreover the earnest consultancy to various parts of our country.
  • From its inception and according to our prior thought-out plan, VESTA has always been trying to accumulate its quality and expand its fields of activity in order to attain the uttermost satisfaction of our esteemed clients. In order to get our purposes accomplished, VESTA is privileged to be beneficial of expertise of its numerous resourceful educated personnel who are strongly determined to fulfill the objectives of the corporation in research and healthcare industry.
  • The company devoted its responsibilities to do its best through the promising interaction to its staffs, stakeholders and more crucial to the Iranian laboratory society. We pledge ourselves to obtain our habitual slogan lead us being honored by the 100-percent satisfaction from our clients that would be ascertained through our quality management system and the thought of the continual improvement process.